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When times get tough, we come together

LivelyHood is a non-profit volunteer-driven organization built to provide safe deliveries for the most at-risk community members facing COVID-19.

Currently in the Boston area.

Be a volunteer

Help protect the most vulnerable in your community

Request a delivery

Available for at-risk community members

How it works

Get notified

Get texted about a nearby delivery request

Accept delivery

Once you accept a delivery, reach out to the at-risk community member for details and delivery coordination

Deliver the goods

Go shopping for what they need and deliver it to their home, following our Health and Safety Protocol.

Frequently asked questions


How do I coordinate the delivery with the requester?

We match you automatically. When you decide to help with a request, you will receive the requester’s contact information. Please coordinate delivery over phone/email and avoid all direct physical contact.

How much time do I have to commit?

As much as you want! LivelyHood relies on the help of willing and able volunteers, and we don’t take that for granted. Any time that you can chip in counts.

What if I can’t complete my assigned task or the items requested are out of stock?

While we encourage volunteers to complete tasks to their best ability, we understand that these are difficult times for everyone. Just decline the request text, and the task will get assigned to someone else. For out of stock items we encourage volunteers to correspond with requestors via text or call to determine a suitable replacement item.

Do I need a car to volunteer?

You can walk, run, cycle, or drive to a grocery store or pharmacy! We just request that you stay six feet away from others and practice social distancing as much as possible.

How will I receive the money I used to pay for groceries?

Keep the receipt from the purchase. In some cases, it may be possible for the community member to call the grocery store in advance to pay for groceries with a credit card. You should coordinate with the community member in advance for the method of payment for the items you purchase. You should not be paid more than what you paid as this is a volunteer service. If the community member is ill, coordinate an electronic method of payment to avoid handling cash (minimizing chances of disease transmission). In general we strongly encourage using a digital form of payment whenever possible to help maintain social distancing.

When and how do I get a service request?

Our automatic matching system will send you a text message between 8am-8:30pm if someone in your neighborhood needs a delivery.


How do I submit a request?

If you’re in the Boston area, submit a request with LivelyHood here. Tell us what you need help with and we’ll work to get you paired with a volunteer for delivery.

How do I know if I’m eligible for this service?

We hope to target high-risk individuals like the elderly (60+ yo), immunocompromised, front-line medical workers, and those who are quarantined. If you are quarantined because of confirmed COVID + diagnosis or exposure, please inform your volunteer and take extra precautions to prevent disease transmission (eg. electronic form of payment).

Is this free?

It absolutely is! You would just need a method of payment to pay for the items that you request volunteers to buy.

How do I know the items I request don’t carry coronavirus?

The risk of items being delivered carrying coronavirus is equivalent to that of any other delivery service. Our volunteers have been given a set of stringent protocols. Please see instructions for precautions you should take to sanitize the delivered goods and minimize risk of disease transmission.

What if I’m not in Boston?

Our service is currently limited to Boston. Check out other great organisations like Invisible Hands or COVID-Assist, which cover New York and San Francisco. If you want us to come to your city, email

Can you run other errands for me? (e.g. dog walking, bank visits)

Our service is currently limited to grocery and pharmacy shopping, though we hope to broaden this in the future. We suggest you reach out to other services, like Cambridge Mutual Aid or use Facebook’s request help feature.

When can I submit a request?

You can submit a request on our website anytime, any day! We will process all requests submitted between 8am-6pm on the same day (including weekend) to match you with a volunteer. Submissions received outside of this window will be processed the next day.

When can I expect my delivery?

The volunteer will reach out to arrange a convenient drop-off time based on the urgency level indicated in the request submission form.


Hi there! We are Team LivelyHood. We're a group of students from Harvard, designers and engineers across the country who are driven to help at-risk communities in this time of uncertainty.

Our mission is to mobilize help for vulnerable, at-risk members of our local community. In the face of COVID-19, social distancing is limiting the movement of people and changing our way of life. We are hoping to make a difference by keeping at-risk members of the community in their homes, and by asking the willing and able to run a few extra errands when they are out.

Have questions? We're here to help.